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    Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
    DATE:2017-03-02 18:35

    Located at the south of Yuexiu Park, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, a key historical relic protected by Guangdang Province, is a memorial building built with the funds raised by the Guangzhou people and overseas Chinese to commemorate Sun Yat-sen, the great forerunner of the Chinese Revolution. It is a gorgeous octagonal structure with solemn and magnificent looks and strong national features, which are embodied by the fine ornaments with the style of China. The Hall consists of four palace-like buildings. A golden slab with four Chinese characters “Tian Xia Wei Gong” written by Dr.Sun Yat-sen hangs above the front door of the memorial hall which literarily means Universal Harmony and Peace.

    Transport Take Metro Line 2 to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station.