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    June, enjoy the sight of lotus in Guangzhou
    DATE:2017-06-01 15:22

    The emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet,and lotus blossoms bathing in sunshine exhibit a distinctive dazzling pink.June,is the best time to enjoy the sight of lotus in Guangzhou.Now,i'll introduce a few good places of appreciation for you.


    1.【Lotus Mountain Resort】
    Address:No.18 Ximen Road,Shilou Town,Panyu District, Guangzhou
    2.【South China Botanical Garden】
    Address:No.1190 Tianyuan Road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou
    3.【Guangzhou Insurrectional Martyr Cemetery Park】
    Address:No.92 Zhongshan 2nd Road,Guangzhou
    4.【Liwan Lake Park】
    Address:Longjin Road West,Liwan District,Guangzhou
    5.【Nansha Wetland Scenic Area】
    Address:No.1 Xingang Road,Wanqinsha Town,Nansha District, Guangzhou