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    South Sea God Temple
    DATE:2017-03-22 13:31


    The South Sea God Temple (Temple of South Sea God) is situated in Miaotou Village, Huangpu District in Guangzhou on the southern coast of China, facing the South China Sea. It was built in 594, and is the only preserved, and the most complete and biggest group of buildings among the four ancient temples of the sea god in China. In ancient times there was a dock nearby. As an important site of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and a place for worshipping Zhu Rong, the God of the South Sea, the temple attracted many merchants from both home and abroad who stopped at the dock and offered sacrifices to the god for safety and good luck. Emperors of all dynasties also dispatched their officials to offer sacrifices. Today, each year between February 11th and 13th according to the lunar calendar, the temple fair attracts thousands of people, and is thus one of the biggest temple fairs in Guangzhou. Visitors coming to Guangzhou usually go there to worship.
    The thriving of the temple is evidence of the prosperity of the maritime trade of Guangzhou throughout history. Many precious historical relics including inscriptions written by emperors, carved stones, bronze drums, remain there.
    The temple complex has been renovated in nearly every dynasty, with the existing one built in the Qing Dynasty(1644 - 1911). It has been restored almost to its original appearance, and covers an area of 7.4 acres (30,000 square meters). Outside of the main gate, stands an archway inscribed with the Chinese characters ‘Hai Bu Yang Bo’ (peace and safety on the sea). The main buildings along the south-north axis are the First Gate, the Gate of Etiquette, the Pavilion of Courtesy, the Great Palace and the Zhaoling Palace.