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    A Bite of Lychee, A Bite of Guangzhou
    DATE:2017-06-07 11:57

    The never-ending rain this week does no help to cool the scorching city. If you’re searching for relief from the unrelenting heat, lychee picking sure makes for a nice weekend getaway. Good thing Guangzhou is blessed with delightful fruits all year round, especially in summer. Deemed as one of the “top four fruits in Lingnan,” lychee is a perfect summer fruit for bringing you a bite of coolness with its jade-like appearance as well as sweet, juicy flavor. 

    Here take a look at four places in the city where you can pick up fresh lychees and cool down under the trees. 


    Donglin Orchard in Zengcheng 

    Located in Zengcheng, the home to high-quality lychees, Donglin Orchard has more than 20,000 trees and over 10 varieties of lychee, including the famous Gua Lu, Shui Jing Qiu, Gui Wei, Fei Zi Xiao and Nuo Mi Ci varieties. 

    Address: Dongchang Cunqianlu, Taiping village, Licheng Jie, Zengcheng district 

    Getting there by car: Guangyuan Expressway—Lixin Dadao—turn right in front of Huashang College—Taipingxialang village 


    Xianshan Lychee Garden in Zengcheng 

    Covering an area of over 500 hectares, Xianshan Lychee Garden has many varieties of lychee. Besides lychees picking, visitors can admire the historic buildings of the old villages in Xiaolou town, which is said to be the hometown of a Chinese mythical figure called He Xian’gu. 

    Address: Xiaolou Renjia Resort, Xiaolou town, Zengcheng district 

    Getting there by bus: Take Zengcheng Bus 107 and get off at Jingu Yuan. 

    Getting there by car: Huancheng Expressway—Guangshen Expressway—Bei’erhuan Expressway (Lefeng Bei Exit)—Guanghe Expressway (Lapu Exit)—Xiaolou town 


    Lychee gardens in Huangge town, Nansha 

    Thanks to the high and dry terrain, warm weather and clean water from the mountains, Huangge town in Nansha is capable of producing high-quality lychee. 

    Address: Huangge town, Nansha district 

    Getting there by car: Guangzhubei Expressway (Huangge Exit/Tingjiao Exit) 


    Lychee Orchard in Zhonglou village, Conghua  

    Hailed as the “hometown of lychee” in Guangdong, Conghua is an ideal place for lychee picking. Zhonglou village in Conghua is not only famous for its well-preserved sites of old villages, but also for its delicious lychees. With the special planting skills of the residents, the lychees here are especially sweet. 

    Address: Zhonglou village, Shengang town, Conghua district 

    Getting there by car: Huanan Expressway—Jinggang’ao Expressway—Cheng’ao Dadao East—Zhonglou village