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    【Winning Gift】May Day in Flower City, Happy Journal Call-off

    Some people say, you love this city because you love the one living in this city. Some people also say, you love this city just because the beauty of itself. So, what is your reason why you love Guangzhou, this flower city?

    Bird-viewing this city of Five Rams from Canton Tower, strolling Shangxiajiu and Beijing Road Pedestrian Streets, tasting the most original Cantonese snacks, experience the lingnan aroma of  Xiguan Mansion, enjoy the night cruise on pearl river... In this city, there are too much scenery you can never finish watching, and too many stories you can never finish reading.

    Therefore, spare this May Day Holiday, go out for further understanding Guangzhou, and write a journal in memory of this happy moment. 


    And, here comes the GIFT time —

    As long as youSend us the Journal of your Happy Journey in Guangzhou( the receiver mailbox is lyy@livemaya.com)during April 21 to May 5,you can have chance to become one of the five toWin a Travel Package of Guangzhou scenic spots(including Guangzhou Zoo, Chen Clan Ancenstral Hall, Nanhai Temple and Guangzhou Fork Museum).To be mentioned, the journal will be published on the official website of Guangzhou Travel (http://www.visitgz.com/).

    Learn more about May Day Entertainment in Guangzhou http://www.visitgz.com/zt/lyzt52.html

    Tips: The journal will be evaluated from the article tonality and quality of pictures. Please mark down your name and contact number for us to send the gift.