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    Four Routes for Guangzhou One Day Tour

    Guangzhou, known as Canton or Kwangchow, enjoys the reputation of the Flower of the Orient. Owning the history of 2000 years, not only is Guangzhou a historical and cultural city, but also it is a metropolis with modernized fascinating charm.

    To those first dating with Guangzhou, they might be exposed to so many recommended scenic spots and confused about: How to plan the tour routes so that I can gain further understanding about Guangzhou at the limited time? How about joining a One Day Tour and which travel agency can I rely on?

    Here are the four tour routes strongly recommended for you.


    Route One by GZL International Travel

    Established in 1980, GZL is now the largest comprehensive travel enterprise in South China and widely accepted as one of the top travel companies providing services to more than 2,300,000 passengers from home and abroad every year.

    Think about how you spend in this pleasant one day tour:
    -Visit Chen Clan Academy, Shamian Island, Lychee Bay, and Arts&Craft Center-Yi Yao Qi
    -Take a traditional Cantonese Snack Lunch
    -Visit Five Rams Statue, Guangzhou Museum and Six Banyan Temple


    More information, please contact Ms.Kiki

    ☞Fees: RMB 480/adult; RMB 380/child ( under 1.2 meters)
    ☞Tel: 0086-20-8634-6903
    ☞Mobile: 0086-1352-7892-779
    ☞Email: inbound@gzl.com.cn

    Route Two by Linnan Travel International

    Established in 1994, it is the first professional agency with reliable operation team for 15 years’ Guangzhou One-Day-Tour service. It is good at solutions of theme tour, cultural tour, business tour and large-scale cultural events, forming tourism products of high quality.

    Based on the theme of “Modern Guangzhou&Classic Tour”,Linnan Travel International will bring us to unveil Guangzhou from 360 degree of perspective.

    Here is how you spend a day:
    -Modern part: Baiyun Mountain, romantic Ersha Island, City Square, Haixinsha Park
    -Ancient part: Changzhou Island, Site of Huangpu Military Academy, Yuexiu Park, Chen Clan Academy, Beijing Road Commercial Pedestrian or Tianzi Wharf


    More information includes as follows:

    ☞Fees: RMB 228/adult; RMB 198/child ( 1.2 to 1.4 meters)
    ☞Hotline: 0086-20-2211-2733

    Route Three by Pearl River Tourism

    Set up in 1985, Pearl River Tourism has been one of the first emerging state-owned agencies of Guangdong Province.

    longing for feeling the beauty rhyme of Pearl River, further understanding Guangzhou culture, then following Pearl River Tourism.

    Your tour route is arranged as follows: Lychee Bay→ Chen Clan Academy→ Site of Huangpu Military Academy→ Huangpu Ancient Port→ City Square→ Haixinsha Park → Pearl River Night Cruise


    More information includes as follows:

    ☞Fees: RMB 188/adult; RMB 138/child (RMB30 added during the golden holidays)
    ☞Hotline: 0086-20-8330-0110  or  0086-8337-4038 or 0086-8335-2027

    Route Four by Shenlang Holiday

    Shenlang Holiday is a integral travel agency comprehensive in travel activities, exhibitions and meetings.

    As a foodie, there is not any reason to miss out Guangzhou one day tour via Shenlang Holiday.You must get a good chance to satisfy your taste buds of traditional cantonese cuisine.‪

    Here is how you enjoy  the tour: Canton Tower→ Huangpu Ancient Port (good taste of  traditional canton food, like Tingzai Porridge, Wonton, Bamboo Noodle, Ginger Milk Curd, etc)→ Grand Marshal House→ Beijing Road Cultural Tourism Area→ Museum of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King→ Millennium Ancient Ruins→ Beijing Road Commercial Pedestrian


    More information includes as follows:

    ☞Fees: RMB 138/person
    ☞Hotline: 0086-20-6236-6236