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    Guangzhou One Day Tour
    DATE:2017-03-23 14:10

    1 Day Private Guangzhou

    Starting from $39 per person

    In the morning at the appointed time, your local professional guide will wait for you at the lobby of your own booked downtown hotel with private transfer. Your one-day Guangzhou tour will start with a visit to the Dr. Sun Yatsen's Memorial Hall, one of the many memorial halls in the country for this great forerunner in the revolutionary history, the founder of Nationalist Party of China and Republic of China. Built in 1929, the whole architectural complex covers an area of 62,000 square meters. The main building is a 3,700 square meters majestic octangle hall with no pillars in the middle. The plaque of the hall is inscribed with Dr. Sun's own handwriting: "the world is for all" which was also the guidance and goal of his revolutionary life.


    The next stop of your private tour is the Temple of Family Chen, built in 1894 of the Qing Dynasty by the joint-venture of all the Chens in the province. It was originally used as a residence for the Chens' children when they came to Guangzhou to take part in the imperial examinations. But after the system was abolished, it became the family's academy. This family temple is large scaled, garishly decorated and very well preserved. The whole area of structure occupies an area of 8,000 square meters which contains incomputable elegant and complicated sculptures, screens, windows and railings, etc. The buildings themselves are art works which were visited and highly praised by many architects from all over the world.


    After lunch, we will transfer you to the 1500 years old  Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. The highlight of the temple is the 57.6 meters high Flowery Pagoda. It appears to have 9 storeys, but inside there are actually 17 storeys. It was used to preserve the Sarira, a piece parietal bone of the great pilgrim Xuanzang, which was destroyed in the 1960s. Now the temple is a very important place for the Buddhism believers to worship and also a famous tourist site.

    The 11,200 square meters Qingping Market is one of the earliest special markets for Chinese medicinal materials. The merchants are from all over the country and the types of the medicines are very comprehensive. Being in a city that does not produce medicinal materials, Qingping Market is quite a success.

    The last stop of your day trip is Shamian Island. Used to be the concession area in the 19th century, the old European style buildings on the island were the embassies and consulates of other countries. Wandering on this 0.3 square kilometer island, you will feel like you are in a small town in Europe, no busy traffic, only the quite and beautiful environment, and the relaxing cafés and bars.

    To conclude the trip, your guide and driver will transfer you back to your hotel or another place where you would like to have your dinner. You may ask your guide for some recommendations of delicious local food. Then after the dinner, please find your own way back to the hotel.