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    DATE:2017-01-25 11:12

    Guangzhou Restaurant


    Founded in 1939, Guangzhou Restaurant has received numerous honors and enjoys a reputation of “Exclusive Food in Guangzhou”.


    Taotaoju Restaurant


    Taotaoju Restaurant is one of time-honored brands in Guangzhou’s catering industry and reputed as the “moon cake mogul”


    Beiyuan Restaurant


    The famous Chinese writer, Guo Moruo, highly praised Beiyuan Restaurant----“I feel at home when drinking morning tea at Beiyuan Restaurant. I will drink tea again here after returning from abroad.”


    Lianxianglou Restaurant


    Guangzhou Lianxianglou Restaurant is renowned at home and abroad and known as the “No.1 Lotus Seed Paste”.


    Panxi Restaurant

    Panxi Restaurant is known as the “Pearl of Restaurants”. The former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had ever dined at Panxi Restaurant and highly praised its dishes and delicacies.


    Nanyuan Restaurant


    Nanyuan Restaurant is one of top four garden restaurants in Guangzhou.