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    Happy National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival. Let’s Guangzhou.

    This year, Mid-Autumn Festival, ( also known as Mooncake Festival, the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese Lunar Year) falls on Oct.4 during the 8 daysgolden holiday of National Day from Oct.1 to Oct.7, which is said to be the longest holiday than ever before. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect time for you to travel around Guangzhou where you will be embraced by various tourism events, considerable discounts and convenient tourist services.


    Various Tourism Events

    More than 100 cultural activities and themed events at parks and scenic spots are about to kick off during the festival, including various kinds of folklore, culture-oriented, and scientific knowledge popularization events as well as exhibitions, such as 2017 Guangzhou International Shopping Festival and the Sino-Canadian Tourism and Cultural Festival, the 10th China International Comic Festival ( CICF ), the 5th Lingnan Temple Cultural Festival in Haizhu District, 2017 Guangzhou International Flower Exhibition , etc.


    Considerable Discounts

    Nearly 50 restaurants, 21 scenic spots and a number of travel agencies are putting forward massive discounts continuously, varying from 20% discount off to 50% discount off. For example, it takes a 20% discount off to access to Canton Tower  Cloud and Star Observation Deck of 433 meters elevation, Nansha Wetland, Guangzhou Zoo, Chen Clan Academy and other tourist attractions. Additionally, tourists can only pay half the price to visit Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall. Chimelong Tourist Zone is also a must-visit destination, where you can get the minimum package of 210 yuan to enjoy different travel arrangements of Two Parks One Night, Three Parks Two Nights or Four Parks Three Nights.


    Convenient Tourist Services

    9 Guangzhou Tourist Centers have been put into operation successively in Guangzhou East Railway Station, Fangcun Station and so on. More than 50 travel routes have been opened for the convenience of self-help travel. 26 Guangzhou Tourist Information Centers and over 300 self-help information touch panels have been set up to form  a comprehensive service network. Travelers can search travel information via the Electronic Travel Inquiry System, which has already owned 8 languages and will add to 12 languages at the end of this year. About 16 nursing rooms have been built up in scenic spots and shopping malls and sightseeing buses will run every 20 minutes providing Historic Xiguan Route, Ancient City Route and New City Axis Route.


    Whether being at home or abroad, make sure to have yourself safe and sound. Lets enjoyWOWmoments in this longest golden holiday in Guangzhou.